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The Ianomani people

Cauê is a Ianomami boy. The Ianomami people live in the Amazon rain forest. Cauê is nineteen years old. Fifteen years ago, when he was a little boy, life was very different in his village.
There were many fish in the river and there were small animals in the jungle. Now the rivers are polluted. The Indians don’t like to eat the fish because they can get sick. And the jungle isn’t near the village now.
“ There were about nine malocas in my village. In each maloca there were three or four families”, says Cauê.
Maloca is the name of an Indian house.Many years ago, yhe Ianomami villages were round, because the malocas were in a big circle. In the middle of the circle there was a large maloca.It was the place for festivals and cerimonies.
Cauê says, “Many years ago, there were only Indians in the village. There were no white people. Nowadays white people come to the village. They come from the cities and from other countries. There are only three malocas now, so the villages are not round anymore.”

1)      Marque um X nas frases corretas de acordo com o texto: 
a)      (     ) There were nine malocas in the village many years ago.
b)      (     ) There were nine families in Cauê’s village.
c)      (     ) There was a huge maloca for festivals and cerimonies
d)     (     ) Many years ago there were only Indians in the village.
e)      (     ) Nowadays white people don’t come to the village.

2)      Relacione as colunas de acordo com o texto: 
(  1  ) Cauê is                                                                  (     ) round
(  2  ) There were small animals                                       (     ) a Ianomami boy
(  3  ) The jungle isn’t                                                     (     ) near the village now
(  4  ) The Ianomami people                                            (     ) in the jungle
(  5  ) The village was                             (     ) live in the Amazon  rain forest

3)     Responda em inglês às questões sobre o texto: 
a)      Where do the Ianomami people live?
b)      How old is Cauê? 
c)      How many malocas were there in the Ianomami village many years ago?
d)     How many malocas are there now? 
e)      What was in the middle of the circle of malocas? 

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