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Interpretação de texto

O texto abaixo tem algumas informações sobre um urso Panda. Leia com atenção e preencha o quadro da seguinte forma. Se a frase for verdadeira você deverá fazer um X na coluna TRUE (verdadeiro) e se a frase for falsa o X fica na coluna FALSE e você ainda terá que escrever na coluna TRUE SENTENCE a frase correta que está no texto: 


Escreva as quantidades dos shapes indicados na figura:
a) Triangles:  ___________
b) Squares: ____________
c) Circle: ______________

Interpretação de texto

a)      Que tipo de texto é esse?  
b)      Marque a opção que seria o melhor título para o texto:
(     ) Earth Protection.                                             
(     ) How much water do we use?
(     ) A Sunday at home.                                      
(     ) We can change the climate.
(     ) We can make a difference.

Subway Rescue

At 7:15 on the morning of February 9, the subway station at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue was getting crowded.
For Leah Bianco, it was a typical Monday. She was wearing gym clothes, waiting for the train to take her four stops to Times Square. She was watching for the lights of an approaching train when, suddenly, a man collided with her and ran away. She fell down the five feet to the track below.
Across the platform, Randy Brown was listening to music on his portables CD player when he heard a scream: “Please help me!” Taking off his headphone, he kneeled, stretched down, and pulled Leah up onto the platform. A few seconds later, a train stopped at that platform.
Because Leah was very nervous, she went to work without thanking Randy. Later that day, she contacted the New York Daily News. The newspaper published her photograph in a front-page story about the incident.
Brown read it and contacted the newspaper. In a typical New York twist, the Daily News reward him for his heroism with a job in sales support.
As for Leah Bianco, she thanked Brown for having saved her life. She still rides the subway train to go to work. “I’m not afraid”, she says. And because of heroes like Brown, she adds, “I love New York!”.

1)      Marque a opção correta:
a)      Essa história é sobre ____I_________ que teve um acidente em __________II__________:
I (     ) um homem                   II (     ) em uma estação do metrô
  (     ) uma mulher                      (     ) em uma estação de ônibus
  (     ) um casal                          (     ) em uma rua

b)      A história primeiro foi publicada :
(      ) Reader’s Digest         (     ) The New York Times    
 (    ) New York Daily News

c)      O acidente aconteceu com:
(     ) Leah Bianco             (     ) Gordon Bass               
      (     ) Randy Brown

2)      Escreva TRUE para verdadeiro e FALSE para falso: 
a)      Leah works on Mondays ___________________
b)      Leah walks to work every Day ______________
c)      Now Randy works at New York Daily News __________
d)      Leah was wearing social clothes when she had the accident ________
e)      Times Square is four stops from 59th Street and Lexington Avenue _____
f)       After the accident, Leah went to work __________

3)      Numere as frases de 1 a 11 de acordo com a sequência de eventos do texto:
(     ) Randy was listening to music when Leah screamed
(     ) A man collided suddenly with her
(     ) Leah was watching for the lights of an approaching train
(     ) Randy took off  his headphone
(     ) Randy pulled Leah up onto the platform
(     ) Leah contracted the New York Daily News
(     ) Randy kneeled
(     ) Randy stretched down
(     ) Leah fell down onto the track
(     ) A train stopped at that platform
(     ) Leah thanked Randy 

What’s the meaning of ‘to be green’

Nowadays, most people all over the world are concerned about the destruction of our planet. Pollution and ignorance about nature (plants, animals and people as well) can make life hard for everyone to live. We all share life on Earth. So, we all have the obligation to look after our “house” and the right to a good quality of life. Being green means being responsible and concerned about our planet, our environment, our health. Are you green?

 1. A palavra ‘house’ foi usada no texto como sinônimo de:
(a) qualidade de vida  (b) meio ambiente       (c) nosso planeta         (e) natureza

2. A palavra ‘right’, linha 11, tem mais de um significado. Marque aquele que corresponde ao significado desta palavra no texto:
(a) certo           (b) lado direito                        (c) coerente                 (d) direito

3. O título do texto é uma pergunta. Qual das opções abaixo responde a ela corretamente com base no texto:
(a) to be responsible about our planet             (b) to be concerned about your health
(c) to keep (conserver, manter) our planet in bad conditions (d) to teach (ensinar) children to be responsible

4. O texto resume nossas obrigações e direitos. Assinale-os respectivamente:
(a) ser responsável com nossa saúde – viver bem      (b) cuidar da Terra – ser saudável
(c) ser saudável – ter uma boa qualidade de vida                  (d) cuidar da Terra – ter uma boa qualidade de vida

5. The text is about (sobre):
(a) the colour of the Earth       (b) Kids from Earth     (c) Our responsible about the nature   (d) extinction

6. What’s the cause of the destruction of our planet in the text?
(a) pollution and ignorance about nature                    (b) no money              (c) no education          (d) hard life

7. Why are kids (crianças) so important for the future? Because …
(a) they go to school   (b) they like and respect nature                      (c) responsible kids will be (serão) responsible adults
(d) they are responsible

Shakespeare in Love

Some years ago, British film director John Madden decided to make a romantic comedy about Shakespeare. The film, called Shakespeare in Love, was released in 1998 and received many awards. Since then, it has thrilled audiences all over the world, becoming a great hit. Shakespeare in Love is set in England in 1593. It follows the tribulations of William Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes), a playwright who suffers from writer’s block and just can’t develop his work.
            By chance, “Will” meets the beautiful Viola de Lesseps and falls instantly in love with her. So her gets his inspiration back and finally writes Romeo and Juliet, his great love story.

a) (     ) An American film director called John Madden made a drama about Shakespeare
b) (     ) The film Shakespeare in Love received many awards
c) (     ) Shakespeare in Love has become a great hit only in the USA
d) (     ) William Shakespeare suffered from writer’s block
e) (     ) Viola De Lesseps tried to help him develop his work
f) (     ) Shakespeare had already written Romeo and Juliet when he got his inspiration back

Child Labor

The International Labor Organization (ILO) has estimated that 218 million children between the ages of five and seventeen work in developing countries. Of these, 122.3 million children work in the Asia-Pacific region, 49.3 million work in Sub-Saharan Africa, and 5.7 million work in Latin America and the Caribbean. Most working children in rural areas are found in agriculture; many children work as domestics; urban children work in trade and services, with fewer in manufacturing and construction.
            Child labor ranges from four-year-olds tied to rug looms to keep them from running away, to seventeen-year-olds helping out on the family farm. In some cases, a child's work can be helpful to him or her and to the family; working and earning can be a positive experience in a child's growing up. This depends largely on the age of the child, the conditions in which the child works, and whether work prevents the child from going to school.       
1)   O texto acima relata sobre a situação do trabalho infantil, portanto, traz vários dados numéricos sobre essa exploração infantil. Escreva em português informações equivalentes a esses números citados no texto.

a)    218 million children ______________________________
b)   122.3 million children ____________________________
c)    49.3 million children _____________________________
d)   5.7 million children ______________________________

2) Responda em português: 
a) Que tipo de trabalham as crianças são obrigadas fazer?
b) Por que as crianças trabalham? 
c) Retire do texto uma frase que justifique sua resposta anterior.

Coffee drinking down

a)      A quantidade de café bebido pelos norte americanos está aumentando.
b)      A percentagem de bebedores aumentou 6% entre 1982 e 1992.
c)      Todos os anos 112 milhões de americanos param de beber café
d)     Cerca de três quartos da população americana gostava de café em 1962
            e) Mais pessoas bebiam café em 1972 do que em 1982

This mother has to hurt the one she loves 730 times a year

            A baby with diabetes doesn’t just depend on his mother for nourishment and love. The child is also dependent on two insulin injections a day, every day, just to stay alive.
            Sadly, thousands of parents in this country have to face this distressing task.
            Over a million people suffer from diabetes in the USA. And recent reports show that the incident of diabetes in children under 15 has nearly doubled over the last 15 years. (British Medical Journal, 1991, 302:p.443-7)
            The British Diabetic Association is the USA’s single biggest contributor to diabetes research.
            You could help us by sending a donation, joining the BDA or by remembering us in your will. Please do, because this mother and many others are depending on us to find a cure.

a) De que país vem esse anúncio? 
b) a que enfermidade se refere? 
c) O que ocorreu nos últimos 15 anos, de acordo com o British Medical Journal? 
d) De que forma o leitor poderá ajudar a BDA? 
e) O que é BDA?

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Partes do corpo

Partes do corpo

Partes do corpo

Partes do corpo

Partes do corpo

Parts of the body



Partes do corpo


Partes do corpo

Rio - cores

Dedoches de animais


Memory game


What time is it?



Partes do corpo humano

Caça palavras - frutas


Caça palavras - cores

Caça palavras - animais

Puzzle - animais

Jogo da memória - animais



Tenho essas imagens, que embora tenham o nome das profissões em português, sempre uso para as 5ª séries. Eles pintam e passam o nome para inglês e algumas vezes montamos um painel de profissões.