sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

Shakespeare in Love

Some years ago, British film director John Madden decided to make a romantic comedy about Shakespeare. The film, called Shakespeare in Love, was released in 1998 and received many awards. Since then, it has thrilled audiences all over the world, becoming a great hit. Shakespeare in Love is set in England in 1593. It follows the tribulations of William Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes), a playwright who suffers from writer’s block and just can’t develop his work.
            By chance, “Will” meets the beautiful Viola de Lesseps and falls instantly in love with her. So her gets his inspiration back and finally writes Romeo and Juliet, his great love story.

a) (     ) An American film director called John Madden made a drama about Shakespeare
b) (     ) The film Shakespeare in Love received many awards
c) (     ) Shakespeare in Love has become a great hit only in the USA
d) (     ) William Shakespeare suffered from writer’s block
e) (     ) Viola De Lesseps tried to help him develop his work
f) (     ) Shakespeare had already written Romeo and Juliet when he got his inspiration back

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