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Subway Rescue

At 7:15 on the morning of February 9, the subway station at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue was getting crowded.
For Leah Bianco, it was a typical Monday. She was wearing gym clothes, waiting for the train to take her four stops to Times Square. She was watching for the lights of an approaching train when, suddenly, a man collided with her and ran away. She fell down the five feet to the track below.
Across the platform, Randy Brown was listening to music on his portables CD player when he heard a scream: “Please help me!” Taking off his headphone, he kneeled, stretched down, and pulled Leah up onto the platform. A few seconds later, a train stopped at that platform.
Because Leah was very nervous, she went to work without thanking Randy. Later that day, she contacted the New York Daily News. The newspaper published her photograph in a front-page story about the incident.
Brown read it and contacted the newspaper. In a typical New York twist, the Daily News reward him for his heroism with a job in sales support.
As for Leah Bianco, she thanked Brown for having saved her life. She still rides the subway train to go to work. “I’m not afraid”, she says. And because of heroes like Brown, she adds, “I love New York!”.

1)      Marque a opção correta:
a)      Essa história é sobre ____I_________ que teve um acidente em __________II__________:
I (     ) um homem                   II (     ) em uma estação do metrô
  (     ) uma mulher                      (     ) em uma estação de ônibus
  (     ) um casal                          (     ) em uma rua

b)      A história primeiro foi publicada :
(      ) Reader’s Digest         (     ) The New York Times    
 (    ) New York Daily News

c)      O acidente aconteceu com:
(     ) Leah Bianco             (     ) Gordon Bass               
      (     ) Randy Brown

2)      Escreva TRUE para verdadeiro e FALSE para falso: 
a)      Leah works on Mondays ___________________
b)      Leah walks to work every Day ______________
c)      Now Randy works at New York Daily News __________
d)      Leah was wearing social clothes when she had the accident ________
e)      Times Square is four stops from 59th Street and Lexington Avenue _____
f)       After the accident, Leah went to work __________

3)      Numere as frases de 1 a 11 de acordo com a sequência de eventos do texto:
(     ) Randy was listening to music when Leah screamed
(     ) A man collided suddenly with her
(     ) Leah was watching for the lights of an approaching train
(     ) Randy took off  his headphone
(     ) Randy pulled Leah up onto the platform
(     ) Leah contracted the New York Daily News
(     ) Randy kneeled
(     ) Randy stretched down
(     ) Leah fell down onto the track
(     ) A train stopped at that platform
(     ) Leah thanked Randy 

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