quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2011

Dia dos Namorados.

Já falei com vocês sobre o site Maganews, que tem boas reportagens sobre vários temas em inglês. E com o dia dos namorados chegando, nada melhor do que saber a origem dessa data tão romântica!!!Os alunos adoraram...

The origin of Valentine's Day
Brazil celebrates the date in June, but in other countries the date is celebrated in February. Learn why

     Brazil celebrates Dia dos Namorados on 12th June, but in Europe andNorth America this date is celebrated on 14th February. The probable origin of Dia dos Namorados is Ancient Rome. In the 3rd Century Emperor Claudius II believed that single soldiers were more efficient than the married ones, and so he decided to prohibit weddings during a time set aside for wars. But there was a priest called Valentim who had the courage to celebrate various weddings. One day the emperor discovered this fact and had Valentim killed. The priest died on 14th February and became a saint. In the 17th Century the French and English decided to celebrate, on the same day (14th February) Saint Valentine’s Day and Dia dos NamoradosIn the following century the USA adopted “Valentine’s Day”.

Traders profit from the date

  In Brazil the origin of this date is less noble and romantic. In 1949 the advertising executive João Dória returned to Brazil after spending time in Europe. He returned with the idea of introducing Dia dos Namorados to the country. But instead of the date being celebrated in February, the month chosen was June. The reason: the traders always complained about not selling much in June and Dia dos Namorados would make a great excuse to improve sales. The 12th was chosen because it is the eve of Saint Anthony’s day, the “wedding saint.”

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